Millennium Growth Fund

Millennium Growth Fund is an investment firm focused exclusively on Public Equity, Venture Capital, projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets.

Millennium Growth Fund was founded by dedicated investment professionals who believed that delivering successful investment results for clients requires a consistent investment philosophy, a commitment to superior investment research and a high level of customer service. Our roster of clients has grown over the years, but these basic beliefs remain unchanged.

Millennium Growth Fund was founded to do one thing: deliver compelling investment results for our clients over the medium to long term.

This remains our singular purpose today, driven by a culture rooted in deep fundamental research, the pursuit of investment insight and continuous innovation on behalf of clients, and facilitated by the free exchange of ideas across the organization.

Consistent Investment Philosophy

We are value investors, seeking companies that we believe trade at a substantial discount to intrinsic value. We look for managers who seek to maximize the long-term value of their business for its owners.

Superior Investment Research

We believe in the importance of intensive, fundamental research. We focus on ensuring that securities selected for client portfolios meet our standards of quality and value.

High Level Customer Service

Clients at Millennium Growth Fund receive individualized attention based on their investment goals and needs. We are as proud of our client service as we are of our long-term investment results.